What is a Root Planing and Scaling?

Root planing and scaling cleanings are designed to help prevent gum disease from getting worse. These cleanings are done by licensed hygienists who use similar tools and instruments as they would during normal cleanings. The only difference is that they clean away debris from below the gum line rather than just the top of it. At Rivers Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we recommend these deep dental cleanings for any patient who has gum disease.

Why would someone need a Root Planing and Scaling?

The main reason for requiring a root planing and scaling is because you have gum disease to some extent. Rather than allow the disease to get worse, we will recommend having a deeper cleaning done. This cleaning is essential for preventing periodontal issues from worsening. This can prevent eventual tooth and bone loss.
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Who is the right candidate for a Root Planing and Scaling?

Dr. Rivers will examine your teeth and gums to determine if disease is present. If you do have gum disease, as many adults do, it is recommended that you have a deeper cleaning done in the office. There is no cure for gum disease, but it can regularly be treated by coming in for these types of cleanings. The cleaning is done in two parts and usually takes about an hour for each appointment.

What happens during the Root Planing and Scaling process?

First, an anesthetic is injected into the gums to help numb them. Our hygienist then clears away debris from below the gum line. This helps to get rid of bacteria and plaque that is able to hide away in these pockets. The gums are then thoroughly rinsed with a specially medicated solution. Our hygienist then flosses your teeth to remove any remaining bacteria and plaque. You’ll need to come in regularly to have these types of cleanings done as a way to keep the disease under control.
If you need to have a root planing and scaling done, call our Mocksville, NC office today to schedule an appointment.
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